Invigorate Technology Environment

IT Strategy

Developing the road map for IT success and managing the required transformation seems almost overwhelming when your organization is constantly in reactive mode, without optimal budget or resources. You need support to overcome the barriers of ine cient daily operations, increasing business demands and resistance to change. GTI can help you achieve IT excellence by creating an IT strategy in concert with your business objectives. We help you manage the IT transformation through network rationalization, innovative technology solutions and revamped business processes. We help you measure your performance against objectives through the development and implementation of a governance framework so that IT excellence is not only achieved but maintained over time. GTI can assist you in enabling IT to help transform your business.


A cornerstone of any organization is its ability to provide ubiquitous voice and data communication to all its employees. Back office applications, data sharing and emerging applications like video conferencing are consuming network bandwidth and leading to congested networks. GTI can assist you in designing your networks to meet the burgeoning bandwidth requirements of increased users and advanced applications as well as integrate telephony and data networking services to reduce costs and improve services. We help you in defining the requirements for the upgrade, provide alternative solutions and implement the selected solution.


GTI can help you evaluate your current network security status so that you can quickly determine the status of your security program and the next steps you need to take. GTI consultants help you develop /modify a security program so you can protect the right assets from the right threats with the right measures to achieve the highest levels of assurance and business value.


At GTI, our intent is to combine people, process and technology to deliver measurable business value to our customers and partners. We encourage your input and would like to demonstrate why we are a premier provider of solutions built on portal and content management technology. As a provider of solutions built on enterprise technology, we apply process innovation and technology to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve service levels.


There is much debate about why, when and how organizations with traditional telephone systems should migrate to VoIP; How to justify the cost and to create a business case with a true return on investment and reduced total cost of ownership; Is VoIP mature enough and ready for enterprise deployments; Which vendors have the best VoIP solutions; Which vendors will prevail; Which standards will be adopted and how organizations should approach planning and implementation – GTI can assist you in answering these questions.

Business Process Reengineering

Improving business processes is paramount for businesses to stay competitive in today's marketplace. Businesses are increasingly driven by the three Cs: Customer, Competition and Change. Organizations and businesses are compelled to improve their business processes to reduce cost and respond effectively to the needs of their clients. GTI can assist you in this effort to streamline your internal business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical, contemporary measures of performance such as cost, quality, service and speed.

Support Services

Technology is a people business and at GTI we understand that. With today's complex networks and applications, maintaining your information systems is no small task. We know that choosing the right tools and processes can significantly impact how your business functions. GTI is a qualified partner that provides a full spectrum of services and support to help you manage and maintain your systems in the following areas:

  • Helpdesk Support
  • Desktop Support – MS Office Suite
  • Network Administration
  • Enterprise Applications – ERP, CRM development and deployment
  • Collaboration and Audio Video Systems

Audio Visual Technologies

Whether it is immersive technology to give you a 3D view or 2D collaboration we specialize in all types; Audio & Video Conferencing, Conference Rooms, Classrooms and Auditoriums. We have created standards for enterprise business in A/V Collaboration that enhance productivity, allow volume purchasing, lower costs to support/maintain and in the end allow for a large Return on Investment (ROI).