Business Continuity Planning

Organizations face a wide range of threats to their business continuity, some deliberately targeted like terrorism, cyber attacks and some as a result of external events—weather related—hurricanes, storms, and pandemic. Increasingly regulators, investors and stakeholders are seeking assurance that companies have plans in place to minimize any disruption from unforeseen circumstances. Simply stated—this is an issue that organizations no longer can afford to ignore. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 93% of companies that experience a significant data loss will be out of business within five years. As a result of the variety of weather conditions in the Gulf Coast area, businesses here are even more vulnerable to disruptions.

Global Times uses a proven methodology to conduct risk analysis, develop strategy and plan; and test the plan. Global Times has implemented BCP at multiple diverse organizations to support enterprise recovery programs that allow them to get back into business as quickly as possible while protecting the assets and people of the organization.


Our Services

Disaster Recovery Planning

Businesses today thrive on information; the availability of that information plays a key role in business resilience. Disaster Recovery Planning ensures that the business can recover quickly to provide the IT “dial tone” that runs your business.

Audit and Annual Testing of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans

To ensure your business continuity plans deal effectively with a wide range of potential disruptions or disasters, that all the elements of your complex enterprise will recover using these plans or that they will stand up to an audit by the regulators—Global Times conducts comprehensive, multi—dimensional and ongoing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery testing programs to achieve the level of confidence the company or institution expects.

Emergency Communication Strategies

Global Times can assist you develop and deploy effective communications strategies that will function successfully under emergency conditions ranging from text messaging to Information Boards across the institutions.